On my Own

extraordinary Border Collies

for extraordinary people

Pedigree "Mexx"
   Beagold Stanalone HD: A
  Eyes of the World Alistair HD: B 
   From Borders Home Black Maggy HD: A
 On my Own Kian red Dragon HD: B1  
   Charles Bronson at Real Pearl HD: A
  Brains'n Beauty First Love for Jörg only HD: A 
   Whoopy blue vom Kuschelmuschel HD: A
Grace of Angels home Favorite Guy for On my Own HD: A2    
   Dream of Kintyre Davy
  On my Own Cameron O'Neil HD: A 
   Brains'n Beauty Jean D'Arc HD: A
 Grace of Angels home Active Life HD: A  
   Willowtree Charly HD: A
  Belinda III Queen of Eskalony HD: A1 
   Black Thunder Girl vom Mauritius


Club für britische Hütehunde

BRH Bundesverband Rettungshunde

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